Project List

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, but its really only scratching the surface of where your home could go. The range of options and choices available to the modern home owner are endless, lucky for us all, its a passion of mine. Let me help you weed through the thousands of products, finishes and layout options to create a home that will look incredible, perfectly suit all your needs, and be the envy of all who come to visit.

*work completed as senior designer with previous design companies


Newhook Residence, St. John’s
Jewer Residence, Country Gardens
Quinton Residence, St. John’s
Loder Residence, St. John’s
Hogan Residence, St. John’s
Residence, Calgary, Alberta
Sullivan Residence, St. John’s
Baird Residence, St. John’s
Henry Street, Multiplex, St. John’s
Melvin Residence, St. John’s
Dobbin Residence, St. John’s
Newfoundland & Labrador Housing*
Spire Condominiums, Toronto*
Tiffany Towers Assisted Living Complex (Chartwell)*
Elizabeth Towers Assisted Living Complex*
Multiple Private Renovations, Canada